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Enjoy a broader, more symmetrical smile.
Over the years, many patients have come to us with concerns about their smile being too “gummy” – meaning that there is an excessive amount of gum tissue covering the teeth. While this situation usually doesn’t negatively affect oral health, it can be a strong aesthetic concern for patients. We want you to be able to feel truly confident when you smile – that’s why Dr. Laurie T. Hanschu offers laser tissue recontouring at her Carmichael, CA office. During this procedure, we use a soft-tissue laser to gently and precisely remove excessive gum tissue from your mouth while also sealing remaining tissue in place. This creates a smile that looks much more even and harmonious than ever before.
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If you have any questions about laser tissue recontouring or if you’d like to schedule time to review your options, contact Dr. Hanschu today to schedule an appointment.

Are you a good candidate for Laser Tissue Recontouring?

You should consider laser tissue recontouring – sometimes called "crown lengthening" – if you feel your teeth are a little shorter than you’d like or your smile appears ‘gummy.’ It may also be required before you can fix a dental issue like a broken tooth. The crown lengthening procedure is very common and the risks are minimal. Some patients find their teeth initially are sensitive to hot or cold because the roots are exposed. But this sensitivity typically goes away within a few months.
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