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Regain Your Full and Healthy Smile with Complete Dentures.
Over 40 million Americans wear dentures . Many of them, however, are unable to eat, speak, and laugh confidently. That’s why Dr. Hanschu now offers custom fitted dentures which look more natural and function more effectively than traditional dentures. Modern dentures are designed and handcrafted to complement your personality, age, sex, and physical appearance. First, precise measurements for the shape and size of your new anterior (front) teeth are taken. Your gum line is also measured, as well as your key facial features. Even your skin tone is taken into consideration. This extreme attention to detail renders the exceptional customization of your new denture. They can provide enhanced chewing and biting ability, along with improved stability, optimal efficiency, and long term comfort. 
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About Complete Dentures

Dr. Hanschu offers custom-fitted dentures which look more natural and function more effectively than traditional dentures.

State-of the-Art Dentures

Geneva dentures are considered among the finest dentures available today. With Geneva dentures, Dr. Hanschu can offer:

Unmatched esthetics. Geneva denture teeth are specially imported from Switzerland and made of the highest quality layered porcelain. Each tooth is individually hand-finished to ensure a unique shape, and they are fabricated to mimic the transparency and translucency of your natural teeth.

Quick turnaround between appointments. The top dental laboratory in the United States for fabricating these dentures (Danilov Dental Laboratory) is just a block away from Dr. Hanschu’s office allowing quick turnaround between appointments and close communication with the lab about your specific case.

Enhanced retention, stability and chewing function due to the uniquely shaped posterior (back) teeth and design of the dentures.

AvaDent digital dentures are another type of premium dentures that might be best for you. Advantages of these dentures are:

Fewer appointments are necessary – usually only 2

Fewer sore spots due to computer design and precision milling,

Elimination of denture breath due to the dense antibacterial surface

Permanent digital record for duplication in case of loss or damage.

Do You Need Denture Reline or Repair?

Not unlike natural teeth, dentures need to be constantly cared for and monitored. Caring for your dentures starts with good home care habits and regular dental visits. In addition, your dentures will need to be periodically adjusted for proper fit. With periodic adjustment appointments, you can avoid discomfort and difficulty chewing.

Since tooth loss causes your bones and tissues to change over time, every few years, Dr. Hanschu will recommend that your dentures be relined or resurfaced to conform to the changing contours of your mouth. Poorly fitting dentures are not just uncomfortable; they can also cause the wearing down of the bone and soft tissues in your mouth to occur more quickly. Adenture relining can help to minimize this deterioration, as well as compensate for natural oral changes. Denture relining may include:

Hard Denture Reline: The denture impression material is replaced with acrylic that is perfectly formed to the contours of your mouth. This type of relining is recommended every two years.

Soft Denture Reline: Patients whose gums are too tender for hard relining may opt to reline the denture surface with a softer, more flexible material. However, this type of relining may have to be replaced more often to maintain proper fit.

Carmichael Denture Repair and Replacement Appointments

Remember, even the best dentures aren't indestructible and need proper maintenance to remain effective and attractive. Ideally, you should look to get a brand new set of dentures every five years. If you already have dentures, it may be time to discover what Dr. Hanschu can do for your smile. Schedule the denture consultation appointment you need with Dr. Hanschu today. Dr. Hanschu delivers quality restorative dental care daily throughout Carmichael, CA, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Roseville, North Highlands, Orangevale, Sacramento, and the neighboring areas.
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